Subdivision Perth



Subdivision Perth

Subdivision Perth: Norfolk Homes Creates Your Custom Designed Habitat

We are independent local builders who focus on multi-unit subdivisions in Perth.

  • There is a high level of experience and expertise within our core team, and we employ a wide range of construction methods.
  • We guarantee the outstanding quality of finishes; superb client experience and offer double brick homes.
  • We focus on energy-efficient and sustainable framed structures, employing supplies and practises that are ecologically accountable and utilise resources effectively.

When Building a Home in a Subdivision in Perth, Consider This

Building a new home is one of your most important undertakings. You want to confirm that the company involved is trustworthy and will deliver the best possible benefits.

  • Ensure that the builder is fiscally dependable and provides affordable services.
  • Ascertain whether the firm can provide you with the distinctive architectural, style and design features you have in mind for the available space.
  • Research the quality and services on offer.

What You Can Expect From Norfolk Homes

A made-to-order home is not a short-term investment, which means that product quality and the reliability of the company involved are major priorities.

  • We ensure peace of mind about financial stability. The Wylie Group is a major shareholder; we are a part of the Modularis group of companies and have been operating for 25 years. We are a low volume producer of homes, which allows us to provide a tailored service at low cost.
  • We offer a personalised facility when we plan, design, build and style your home for the available space. As multi-unit development professionals, we construct energy-efficient homes and comfortable low maintenance spaces using alternative construction methods. We can manage narrow and rear lot designs, strata lot and rear strata designs, country and rural buildings, house and land packages and much more.
  • We deliver quality and service as builders of well-designed resilient structures that emphasise attractive and detailed finishes and provide a 12-month maintenance period.

Norfolk Homes has the conceptual advantage concerning environmentally workable building solutions and uses first-class supplies and conscientious production procedures.

Why Trust Norfolk Homes With Your Well-Being?

Our firm is a forerunner in the construction industry and erects homes with individualistic features.

  • Customers have a variety of options regarding the kind of residence they prefer – in addition to favoured building practises – based on the shape and size of the lot, the characteristics of the development and the client’s personal tastes regarding style, features and finishes.
  • A wholesome house is a residence constructed from materials that are kind to the environment and comprises functions that use less energy and save money. We will assist you in creating a living environment that promotes the good health and comfort of the occupants.
  • Do you want a house that is in a class by itself? We draught plans for exclusive customers and specific sites, giving the client a choice concerning composition, values, the budget, and the size of the property.

For a beneficial building encounter that is simply better, contact us at your convenience.