Norfolk Homes: Sustainable & Eco Smart


Being eco-smart is one of the most intelligent decisions you can make when building your new home.


Sustainability is perhaps one of the most important issues we face today. In this current age it is critical to confront the numerous challenges against climate change, resource sustainability and maintaining the environment and its fragile ecosystems.

The building industry alone produces approximately one third of the world’s waste and 11% of global greenhouse gas emissions – it is easy to see why reducing environmental footprint should be a priority for all construction businesses but sadly it’s often overlooked. At Norfolk Homes, we are committed to sustainable, environmentally aware building practices, not only in the construction period, but over the lifespan of the homes we build.


      • Early professional design consultation geared towards solar passive solutions reduce heating and cooling loads on appliances.
      • 6+ Star Energy Efficiency Ratings for all Norfolk Homes
      • The Norfolk Wall System has high performance insulative properties, with an R-2.7 thermal rating vs. R-1.3* for standard brick construction.
      • Save money and the environment with reduced energy consumption costs.


      • Efficient construction methods and offsite frame manufacturing facilities significantly reduces waste.
      • An enduring commitment to responsible use of resources, ensuring steel and other materials are re-used and recycled wherever possible.
      • Norfolk Wall System requires zero water during construction as opposed to traditional brick wall construction.
      • Reduced material wastage and inefficiencies ensures you're getting the most value for your dollar.