The Increasingly Popular Hamptons Style

Relaxed coastal luxury meets classical elegance.

Growing increasingly popular throughout Australia is an interior and exterior design style that originated in the upper-class coastal areas of New York. Associated with luxury and combined with the laid-back feel of coastal and nautical stylings, The Hamptons look results in a balanced, timeless design ethos. Not dissimilar to the traditional heritage home look, the modernised Hamptons style is quickly being adapted across the country with a uniquely Australian flavour.

Sophistication at an affordable price point – for any design.

Harmonious with the vast coastline and pristine beaches of Western Australia, the sophisticated and relaxed Hamptons design trend lends itself perfectly to double storey home construction in the Perth region and surrounds. The Hamptons design ethos perfectly complements the modern Australian lifestyle, but it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

At Norfolk Homes, we are able to provide a high quality Hamptons finish at an affordable price point – and better yet, any design in the Norfolk range can be adapted to suit this style.

Key Features include:

      • An elegant weatherboard look with statement windows
      • Gabled roofs and ornate external flourishes and finishes
      • Focus on cool, light and soft colours (often whites, navy and greys)
      • Embraces the beauty of traditional, natural styling

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