PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT – Weathertex Cladding

Weathertex Natural Weathergroove panels are an exceptional choice for external cladding on your home. This cladding upgrade option is not only extremely eco-smart, but comes with a raft of other benefits that’ll ensure you’re getting your money’s worth:

Eco-friendly – 100% Australian made, 100% natural and eco-friendly product sourced from sustainable,  PEFC certified forests and suppliers.

Bushfire Rating – Weathertex product complies with a BAL-19 rating, making it suitable for most home builds.

Termite Resistant – All sugars and starches are removed from the wood during manufacture, making the product termite resistant and ideal for both rural and tropical areas.

Low Maintenance – Weathertex provides a 10 year rot/crack/split warranty, and advise that maintenance is minimal, usually only requiring re-painting every 15 years.

Highly Attractive – Guaranteed to add appeal with its modern aesthetic, Weathertex Natural cladding can be either sealed to retain its colour or left natural for a gradual sun-washed look that matures as it ages.

Find out more by visiting the Weathertex website, or speak to your sales consultant for further information.

It pays to be bushfire safe – especially with your home.

With scorching summers getting hotter each year, the need to be ready in the event of a bushfire is an important consideration to make, especially in rural areas. If building within a DFES Bushfire Prone Area, the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) of your chosen build location is an important factor we consider. Early in the process your lot will be assessed by a trained professional (when required) and your home will receive a BAL rating. This rating then determines the construction requirements to prevent major damage to your home in the event of a bushfire.

In some cases this may include additional upgrades such as fire-safe shutters or ember resistant screens and doors. With some considered design planning we can help keep costs low. As a result, BAL Rating upgrades for our homes are often kept within a few grand where applicable.

Are you Bushfire ready? Download the DFES Bushfire Plan app.

The Effect of Roof Colour and Insulation

As construction innovations and trends move forward with the world, it is more apparent than ever that valuing energy efficiency is becoming increasingly more important for every new building that is erected.

Recent research show that increased energy efficiency can add value, and homes with higher energy star ratings often sell for higher prices. It is also stated to be the second most important factor buyers look for after location in a new home.

Energy efficiency however, doesn’t always have to come with a high price tag. It can be as simple as good design planning and colour selection. A light roof instead of a dark roof can make a massive difference – as much as 0.5 energy star rating in some case – while planning your home orientation and thinking about which areas the sun will hit throughout the day will significantly improve your home’s performance.

At Norfolk, these are all things we consider in order to build high performance homes at an affordable price point. While we are able to build in double brick, our team usually prefers building using Norfolk’s Superwall steel framing system, or a brick veneer hybrid method – both of which outperform double brick construction when it comes to energy conservation.

A recent article written by Emma Wynne for ABC News hones in on this, including input from experts such as architect Kate Fitzgerald;

“You do want to insulate — you want a fluffy doona that covers your house. Double brick isn’t great for that,” Ms Fitzgerald said.

Read the full article below to find out more:

An entertainer’s dream home in Bayswater

Our site team is currently busy constructing a custom designed single storey home for one of our clients in Bayswater. The one-off design was developed in close partnership with the client to ensure we were building exactly what he wanted.

The custom 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home is full of features that elevate this design above your standard cookie cutter build. A wrap around kitchen reveals a generous scullery tucked away in the rear, while an open plan dining room separates off to a private living area from the entrance. The master suite features a large walk in wardrobe and ensuite while being situated just off the garage entrance so you can slide straight into bed after a long day. All minor bedrooms and the main bathroom have been situated on the opposite side of the house in their own wing for maximum privacy, but perhaps the home’s best feature is its central alfresco area. Almost the entire design centres around the courtyard – the open plan living, the minor bedroom wing and the master suite surround the alfresco on three sides so that almost the entire house could open up to it if desired. Ideal for entertaining, and perfect for socialisation, the focus is on shared open-air dining and relaxation. A harmonious and functional design solution, perfect for the client’s lifestyle.

At Norfolk Homes, there’s nothing more satisfying than tailoring a home to suit somebody’s needs. Everyone deserves a home that is perfect for them. At the end of the day, it’s one of the biggest investments made in our lifetimes so it makes sense to pay attention to all the fine details and get it right. Feeling inspired by this design? Give us a call or send us a sketch and we can start work on your dream home, together.

Watch this space for photos as the build progresses.


Early October Progress Photos:

The Increasingly Popular Hamptons Style

Relaxed coastal luxury meets classical elegance.

Growing increasingly popular throughout Australia is an interior and exterior design style that originated in the upper-class coastal areas of New York. Associated with luxury and combined with the laid-back feel of coastal and nautical stylings, The Hamptons look results in a balanced, timeless design ethos. Not dissimilar to the traditional heritage home look, the modernised Hamptons style is quickly being adapted across the country with a uniquely Australian flavour.

Sophistication at an affordable price point – for any design.

Harmonious with the vast coastline and pristine beaches of Western Australia, the sophisticated and relaxed Hamptons design trend lends itself perfectly to double storey home construction in the Perth region and surrounds. The Hamptons design ethos perfectly complements the modern Australian lifestyle, but it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

At Norfolk Homes, we are able to provide a high quality Hamptons finish at an affordable price point – and better yet, any design in the Norfolk range can be adapted to suit this style.

Key Features include:

      • An elegant weatherboard look with statement windows
      • Gabled roofs and ornate external flourishes and finishes
      • Focus on cool, light and soft colours (often whites, navy and greys)
      • Embraces the beauty of traditional, natural styling

Introducing: Norm Graves – Sales Consultant

Spend a few minutes getting to know Norm Graves – our knowledgeable and dedicated Sales Consultant.

1. How long have you been in the business? How did all this start?
I first started my journey in the housing industry when i commenced my carpentry apprenticeship in 1965. I seemed to be interested in all aspects of construction from an early stage, and this led into the inception of Norfolk Homes in 1989 – so we’ve been building for a while now!

3. What do you think Norfolk does differently?
At Norfolk Homes, we’ve always had a passion for pursuing energy efficient and sustainable housing solutions. The Norfolk point of difference is fundamental to a sensible, smart approach to design.

4. What is something that most people forget to think about when building a home?
Often such a simple factor such as orientation of the home on the building site is not afforded due consideration. This can affect things like where the sun comes in through the house at which times, but more importantly – the overall energy efficiency of the home.

5. Are there any projects you’ve been involved in that you’re particularly proud of?
Overall I have derived enormous satisfaction from almost all projects i have been involved in – especially when optimal thermal efficiency has been achieved through good design. I’ve been involved in hundreds of house builds over the years and it’s hard to pick just one.

6. Where do you think building trends are heading at the moment?
Moving forward, I think it is an exciting time for the housing industry in Australia. With the availability of advanced building techniques and more natural earth elements being accepted, we’ll likely see trends leaning to a good balance between sophistication and relaxed living.

7. When you’re not working, what are you doing?
Away from the housing industry, I enjoy spending quality time with the family, home cooked meals with a glass of wine and some chilled music!

Why Build New?

When you need a new home, you have several options. You can buy an existing house, remodel your own home, or build something from scratch. Each of these options has its pros and cons, and what’s right for you will depend on several factors. However, building a new custom home has some distinct advantages. When you build with Norfolk Homes, we put the design control in your hands. While we have a range of designs available, we encourage clients to modify them as they wish. At the end of the day, it’s your home – not ours. You’ll be the one living in it, so it makes sense for us to build it the way you want it! We don’t believe in cookie cutter homes. This is why we avoid churning out thousands of houses, and instead focus on a small volume of bespoke, high quality homes designed specifically for their owners.

Building a new home comes with a number of benefits over buying established such as:

-The ability to design your dream home the way that you want it. Why settle for someone else’s picks when it comes to appliances, benchtops, flooring, and more? Choose your own floor plan, kitchen fixtures, lighting, and every other part of your new home to reflect your personal tastes and preferences, not someone else’s.

-A layout that meets your needs. Aside from being able to choose the look you want you can also ensure that your house is as functional as possible for your specific needs. Would you like the master bedroom on the first floor? Large walk-in closets? A private patio, swimming pool, or outdoor kitchen for entertaining? It can all be yours.

-Less maintenance. On average, any older home will require more maintenance than a new build. Affordable two-storey Norfolk Homes that are built new just for you will come with a homeowner’s warranty and a defects liability period for any maintenance required while the home settles.

What You Can Expect From Norfolk Homes

A bespoke home is not a short-term investment, which means that selecting a builder that’s right for you should be a major priority when assessing your options. At Norfolk Homes, some of the things you can expect are listed below:

    At Norfolk, we’re client-centric which means you come first. We see our clients as our priority. We aren’t churning out hundreds of cookie-cutter homes every year; instead, we’re producing a lower volume of bespoke homes, custom tailored to each client at an affordable price point. When you build with Norfolk, we’re there with you every step of the way.

    The Wyllie Group is a major shareholder and as a part of the Modularis group of companies our team has been providing outstanding residential and commercial building solutions across WA for a number of years. With Norfolk you get the peace of mind that comes with solid financial backing, combined with an extensively experienced team.

    As multi-unit development professionals, we construct energy-efficient homes and comfortable low maintenance spaces using alternative construction methods. We can manage narrow and rear lot designs, strata lot and rear strata designs, country and rural buildings, house and land packages and much more.

    At Norfolk Homes, we pride ourselves on the attention to detail we give each and every home we build. As part of the Modularis group, our award-winning team has a reputation for providing excellence in customer service, and delivering high quality homes finished to an exceptional standard. With a focus on sustainable, energy efficient construction, you can rest easy with Norfolk knowing we care about each and every home we build.

Custom Double Storey Homes

Are you looking for something specific in your new home? Do you want to take advantage of your block’s views? Is your lot situated in a difficult location? Maybe you’re wanting an unusual layout, or you have a tight space to work with – Norfolk Homes can help. We’re the experts at making a difficult situation, easier.

Every single home we deliver is customised to suit our clients’ needs. Whether you’re wanting a bigger bathroom, or you want to completely rearrange the kitchen – we’re more than happy to accommodate you.

Speak to our team today to find out how you can build a custom double storey home, designed to perfectly suit your lifestyle. Alternatively, bring us a sketch or mark up one of our existing designs and we’ll see how we can help!

HomeBuilder Grants now closed.

2021 Update – Unfortunately Homebuilder grants are now closed, but we thank everyone who signed on to build with us and took advantage of this great opportunity that bolstered the economy and continues to do so well into 2021.

—-Original Post:

If you’re even THINKING about building a a new single or double storey home, now is the time!

The recent WA State Government announcement means you could be eligible for an extra $20,000 building bonus grant – this can be stacked on top of both the Federal $25,000 HomeBuilder and $10,000 First Home Owner grants.

In short, you could be eligible for up to a massive $55,000 towards your new home.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity – these additional government stimulus grants are only valid on new contracts signed before 31st December 2020.