The Effect of Roof Colour and Insulation

As construction innovations and trends move forward with the world, it is more apparent than ever that valuing energy efficiency is becoming increasingly more important for every new building that is erected.

Recent research show that increased energy efficiency can add value, and homes with higher energy star ratings often sell for higher prices. It is also stated to be the second most important factor buyers look for after location in a new home.

Energy efficiency however, doesn’t always have to come with a high price tag. It can be as simple as good design planning and colour selection. A light roof instead of a dark roof can make a massive difference – as much as 0.5 energy star rating in some case – while planning your home orientation and thinking about which areas the sun will hit throughout the day will significantly improve your home’s performance.

At Norfolk, these are all things we consider in order to build high performance homes at an affordable price point. While we are able to build in double brick, our team usually prefers building using Norfolk’s Superwall steel framing system, or a brick veneer hybrid method – both of which outperform double brick construction when it comes to energy conservation.

A recent article written by Emma Wynne for ABC News hones in on this, including input from experts such as architect Kate Fitzgerald;

“You do want to insulate — you want a fluffy doona that covers your house. Double brick isn’t great for that,” Ms Fitzgerald said.

Read the full article below to find out more:

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