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Strata Homes

Are You Seeking Options for Strata Homes? Norfolk Homes Can Assist

Strata homes are assets, comprising, for instance, blocks of flats, or townhouses where owners share common areas. Such dwellings hold a strata title − a homeowner will own an exact lot and a shared right to the common areas.

There are many benefits to this type of property. Besides the benefits, a potential homeowner should also ensure that they invest in quality developments, thus avoiding problems in the future.

Benefits Of Strata Homes

Those unsure about investing in a strata property might be pleased to learn the benefits these type of dwellings can offer the homeowner. Homes that are not freestanding are not for everyone. However, they do offer a lower risk to those wanting to invest in property.

  • Financial outlay – Dwellings as described above, cost less than a freestanding home. This lower investment means that it can be more affordable for first-time property owners to enter the market. Owners can still live in a city area with access to many city facilities while limiting their investment risk.
  • Less maintenance – Unlike a freestanding home, the upkeep of the property is subject to the strata fees. These fees cover the maintenance. Such could reduce the overall costs, allowing owners to focus more on their lifestyle than spending time managing the upkeep of the property.
  • Greater value – This type of development can offer benefits to residents that they would not have had access to on their budget. These advantages include clubhouses, pools, gyms, and other facilities. Also, those wanting to downsize can live on smaller properties, retaining all desired facilities without having to maintain them personally.

Little Known Facts About Strata Builders

  • An investor in this type of scheme is covered to a degree by law on what is expected of the builders. These requirements act as mechanisms which reduce the risk and maintain quality.
  • Compulsory inspections – two inspections by an appointment inspector are required.
    Temporary and final reports – These are to note any defects found by the inspector. These reports are required before an occupation certificate can be issued.
  • In the case of the contractor being unhelpful, or should he go insolvent, additional warranties are required to ensure that the building work is completed to the correct standard.

Why Trust Norfolk Homes on their Strata Homes?

Norfolk Homes, with 25 years of experience, focuses on low volume and high quality double- and single-storey developments. The focus is on energy efficiency so that the homeowner can live contentedly. We achieve this by using quality building materials as well as painstaking building techniques, resulting in developments in which the homes are comfortable and suit the homeowner. The result is a designer house that will not cost the owner the earth; and even though cost-effective, is still high quality and value for money.

A strata home can offer the owner, whether an investor or not, a cost-effective investment with many facilities they do not have to maintain themselves. Involving a community lifestyle, this is ideal for those wanting to downsize or to live closer to the city. Finding a quality builder is not as difficult as you may imagine. Contact us for a quote on a new home which affords you peace of mind.