PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT – Weathertex Cladding

Weathertex Natural Weathergroove panels are an exceptional choice for external cladding on your home. This cladding upgrade option is not only extremely eco-smart, but comes with a raft of other benefits that’ll ensure you’re getting your money’s worth:

Eco-friendly – 100% Australian made, 100% natural and eco-friendly product sourced from sustainable,  PEFC certified forests and suppliers.

Bushfire Rating – Weathertex product complies with a BAL-19 rating, making it suitable for most home builds.

Termite Resistant – All sugars and starches are removed from the wood during manufacture, making the product termite resistant and ideal for both rural and tropical areas.

Low Maintenance – Weathertex provides a 10 year rot/crack/split warranty, and advise that maintenance is minimal, usually only requiring re-painting every 15 years.

Highly Attractive – Guaranteed to add appeal with its modern aesthetic, Weathertex Natural cladding can be either sealed to retain its colour or left natural for a gradual sun-washed look that matures as it ages.

Find out more by visiting the Weathertex website, or speak to your sales consultant for further information.

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